In Augustine’s words…

A step towards independence: my experience in a new home and the syndicate class

Augustine Conteh is my name. I am now 20 years old. I am currently staying in [manager] Pastor Obi’s residence together with my “younger sister” Ishiatu and my “younger brother” Momoh. The decision to move to a new environment was prompted by our need to study for the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Because we are no longer going to school with the other MercyHome kids, we have joined together with other young people studying for the WASSCE in what is called a “syndicate”.

We are now living in a large compound with Pastor Obi’s family. Moving to a new setting was a good decision for us, as we now have the chance to mingle with other students of the same age. We are in a very friendly and loving environment, and it makes me want to help others. I am in an unfortunate position at the moment that I am not yet financially strong enough to solve their problems. But this is my first time away from the other MercyHome kids, and although I miss them terribly, I am also kind of enjoying my independence.

As for the syndicate classes, they run in three shifts. The classes are very effective, and we have no time to waste. We are finding these classes more effective than our previous school classes, because they are so focused. The lecturers are all trained and qualified to handle the different subject disciplines.

We greatly appreciate the support we have received from MercyHome and all of the sponsors in making the move to Wellington possible for the syndicate classes. We are enjoying the lessons, and especially the opportunity to meet different people. We thank Pastor Obi and his family for taking us in during this time. We appreciate their love and care for us. And we especially thank our sponsors not only for their financial support, but also their moral support and words of encouragement. Thanks to all of you out there!

Love Augustine (still the Big Chief)


Momoh says… Keep smilin’

My experience of leaving MercyHome for the first time

My name is Momoh Mansaray, I recently turned 17 years old. I have spent 11 years in orphanages and in all these years I have never left the home, so it is a new experience for me to move away and spend time with a different family.

It is so interesting for me to gain experience at this stage of my life. It is very important for me to gain experience in a different family environment. It is a special time for me and my “siblings”, Augustine and Ishiatu. We have an opportunity to learn about family life, to make friends from different ethnic backgrounds, and we have been made to feel welcome by Pastor Obi and his family. On the other hand, I miss my brothers and sisters at MercyHome. I miss the fun, and their jokes. I never really imagined what life could be like outside of the home.

I thank my sponsor especially for making this experience possible for me, it enriches my life and education, and it is nice to spend time in a family setting and to get to know new friends. I also thank Pastor Obi and his family for their great hospitality.

Love from Momoh Mansaray