Higher education sponsorship
The three eldest MercyHome children are currently looking for sponsors to help fund the next stage of their education. They are Ishiatu, Augustine and Momoh, and you can read more about them here.

There are two levels of sponsorship:
Full HigherEd sponsorship costs €80.00 per month per child and covers educational costs such as fees, schooling and books.
Shared HigherEd sponsorship costs €40.00 per month per child. If a Full HigherEd sponsorship is too big a commitment, then two sponsors can share the sponsorship.

Make a regular or one-off donation
If a sponsorship is too much for you, you can make a smaller monthly donation or a one-time donation to contribute towards the general running costs of the home, for example rent, medicines, cleaning supplies, clothing, etc.

Some of the costs we have to cover on a regular basis include replacement mattresses (€ 27), bedding (€ 15), mosquito net (€ 3), shoes (€ 8), charcoal for cooking (€ 35), laundry soap (€ 15), medicines (€ 30).

Please get in touch if you’d like to fundraise for MercyHome Freetown, and we’d be more than happy to support you. Here are a few examples of past fundraisers:
– flea market; we can help you get set up with, for example, a folding table, MercyHome-branded table cloth. Last year we raised enough money through flea markets to cover almost the entire rent on the MercyHome property!
– online sales; clean out your closet and sell unused or unwanted items for a good cause
– running events; we can provide you with MercyHome-branded t-shirts
– charity concert; we can help with the concept and MercyHome posters.

GoGetFunding campaign
Raising funds to cover next year’s rent on the home: visit our fundraising page

Sponsor a child *
We have two levels of sponsorship. Start today, and you can cancel any time!
Full sponsorship of a child costs €50.00 per month and covers a child’s schooling, cost of living and food.
Shared sponsorship is €25.00 per month. If a Full Sponsorship is too big a commitment, then two sponsors can share the sponsorship.
Schooling includes school fees, exam fees, uniform, school bag, books and materials

You will receive regular letters and photos of your sponsored child each year, and will have the opportunity to send letters as well.

* At the moment we have full sponsorships for all of the children, but future sponsorship opportunities may arise.

How you can pay

By credit card or PayPal

By bank transfer
MercyHome Freetown
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