In the course of our work in Sierra Leone, we have encountered many inspirational people who have told us their stories.

Education is not free in Sierra Leone and many parents make incredible sacrifices to send their children to school. Children often have to walk miles to go to school—and it’s an effort they are willing to make because they appreciate that they are the lucky ones.

We have met so many young people whose dreams and futures have been dashed because of the death of one or both parents, and who, as a result, have been forced to drop out of school, trying to make a living for themselves in order to survive.

We were particularly touched by the stories of best friends Ibrahim and Dulish, which is why we created the HigherEd (higher education) project.

The idea behind HigherEd is to support talented and motivated young adults outside of MercyHome, helping them to return to education, typically by completing their school leaving certificate and going on to higher education or vocational training.

HigherEd Sponsorship
A monthly sponsorship is EUR 80.00, which can also be shared by multiple sponsors.

It covers the school/university fees, food and transport costs. Any additional costs (educational materials, help towards accommodation, healthcare) are covered by our fundraising activities.

We are currently looking for HigherEd sponsors for the young adults below:

Ibrahim Barrie
Born 06.01.1993

My name is Ibrahim Barrie. I was born on January 6, 1993. I live with my grandmother in Tokeh Village, close to where I work, together with my younger brother (10 years) and my elder sister, who is in her early 30s and helps to care for grandma. I am a cleaner at a beach resort in Tokeh. I have worked since I was forced to drop out of school in 2013 after both my parents died. I had reached SSS1 level by the time I left school. I always wanted to go back and finish my education. Now I have decided it is time to return to school, because I want to study accounting. My ambition is to work in a bank, but I also have my sights set much higher, on one day becoming the Minister of Finance of my country! In my free time (which is limited!) I love to play football, and I listen to music. I also like going out with friends. My life motto is “Better days ahead”.

Abdul S. Turay (aka “Dulish”)
Born 21.12.1994

My name is Abdul Turay. I was born on December 21, 1994. I live in Tokeh Village together with my mother, sisters and brothers. Family is so important to me because they brought me up, and they give me the best advice whenever a problem comes up. I was unable to finish my education after my father passed, and I dropped out in 2012 after reaching SSS3 level. I recently lost my job, so I decided it was the right time to go back to school. I am passionate about music, so this is what I want to study, together with multimedia, with a view to becoming a music producer and professional musician. I love singing and composing songs, and I am fortunate that I can perform them to live audiences. My stage name is “Dulish” (look me up on YouTube)! In my free time I also love to play football. I share the same life motto as my best friend, Ibrahim: “Better days ahead”.