Ishiatu (born 05.01.1999):
“People call me the boss, even though I’m small. I like to keep all the kids in check and I am a born organizer. I’m told I have a cheeky sense of humour and an infectious laugh. I like maths and business management and I want to become a bank manager, and I am also interested in catering. My hobby is cooking, and I help in the kitchen at MercyHomeRight now I am preparing for the West African Certificate Examination (WASS), which I need for entry to university. I want to go to Njala University in Bo. My motto in life is to be honest and to make a difference in society.”

Momoh (born 01.08.2001):
“I like to play football and I love to go to school. I am very ambitious and am top of my class. I am a born entertainer, and am known for my trademark smile. My favourite subjects are economics and accounting, and maths. I want to study accounting at IPAM (Institute of Public Administration and Management) so that I can become an accountant here in Sierra Leone. It has always been my dream to work in a big office, and as an accountant. One day I would love to travel, and I dream of visiting France, Paris especially. My hobbies are reading and dancing. It’s a great honour for me to be at MercyHome because I have lived all my life as an orphan, so the other kids really are my family and I have a happy life here. My favourite colour is blue, because I love Chelsea football club in England! I also love dogs.”

Ibrahim (born 06.01.1993):
“My name is Ibrahim Barrie. I was born on January 6, 1993. Before moving to Freetown to study, I lived with my grandmother in Tokeh Village, close to where I worked, together with my younger brother (10 years) and my elder sister, who is in her early 30s and helps to care for grandma. I was a cleaner at a beach resort in Tokeh. I have always worked since I was forced to drop out of school in 2013 after both my parents died. I had reached SSS1 level by the time I left school. I always wanted to go back and finish my education. Now I have decided it is time to return to school, because I want to study accounting. My ambition is to work in a bank, but I also have my sights set much higher, on one day becoming the Minister of Finance of my country! In my free time (which is limited!) I love to play football, and I listen to music. I also like going out with friends. My life motto is ‘Better days ahead’.”

Abdul (aka “Dulish”) (born 21.12.1994):
“My name is Abdul Turay. I was born on December 21, 1994. I come from Tokeh Village, where I used to live together with my mother, sisters and brothers. Family is so important to me because they brought me up, and they give me the best advice whenever a problem comes up. I was unable to finish my education after my father passed, and I dropped out in 2012 after reaching SSS3 level. I recently lost my job, so I decided it was the right time to go back to school. I am passionate about music, so this is what I want to study, together with multimedia, with a view to becoming a music producer and professional musician. I love singing and composing songs, and I am fortunate that I can perform them to live audiences. My stage name is “Dulish” (look me up on YouTube)! In my free time I also love to play football. I share the same life motto as my best friend, Ibrahim: ‘Better days ahead’.”